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Let us be Happy by Protecting this Cultural Heritage

* One smile equal to 10 USD

Β It’s quite challenging maintaining, protecting and preserving this cultural heritage. The high standard of
service rendered towards thousands of devotees & tourists who visit Sri Dalada Maligawa daily, from all
corners of the world and maintaining the facilities are done through the contributions by you. You can
give your meritorious contribution and be happy you have contributed in a small way to protect and
preserve this cultural heritage to our future generations


Giving Life to Old Temples

Vihara - Gain merits and happiness by contributing to the Development and renovations of Vihara & Arama

* One smile equal to 10 USD

The services provided by Sri Dalada Maligawa for the development and preservation of Gauthama Buddha Sasana include development and renovations of temples in rural areas.

Primary goal of this project is to renovate stupa, preaching halls, living quarters for monks, improving hygiene standards and renovating destroyed parts of temples.

We have already contributed Rs. 207,205,074.52 for the development and renovations of rural temples, from year 2005 till March 2020.

This invitation is for you to be a part of this meritorious act of contributing to the development and preservation of Gautama Buddha Sasana.


Be Happy by Giving Life to the Sick

* One smile equal to 10 USD

Be Happy by Giving Life to the Sick

Β There are many times when the sick come to Sri Dalada Maligawa expecting help. From year 2005 till
now we have contributed Rs. 207,893,510.96 for the underprivileged for their health care, surgeries,
medicine and also for contribution of medical equipment to hospitals. You can contribute to the happiness
of our own underprivileged people with health care needs by your meritorious contribution. Be happy by
spreading loving kindness and happiness.


Light the lamp of Panna

* One smile equal to 10 USD

Be happy by lightning a lamp for education

Β The underprivileged students, monks in Piriven, monks in the universities getting higher education benefit
through the student scholarships and also improvement of Sunday school facilities happen through this
service. So far, we have contributed more than Rs. 60 million for this project from year 2005 till now.
Let’s contribute to this meritorious act of educating the underprivileged. Find happiness through lightning
the lamp of panna in this Gautama Buddha Sasana.

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